1 thought on “Which brand of gold jewelry is best to buy?”

  1. Cai Bai, Ming brand, Zhou Dafu, Baitai, Xinguang, and green green are very good. Other niche brands are not recommended to buy, and they also pay attention to some skills when buying gold jewelry.

    1. Try to choose gold jewelry with less welding point

    Now most people buy gold or jewelry, which is a gold jewelry that tends to buy enough gold, because this is because this is because this is because this is because this is because of this The preservation of jewelry is the strongest. If you choose foot gold jewelry, it is best not to choose foot gold jewelry with welding points. At present, many necklaces and bracelets of jewelry stores use welding processes when manufacturing. This kind of jewelry is not made of sufficient gold, but is mixed with other metals. It's K gold. When you buy such jewelry, you may suffer a new change in the future.

    2, do not choose hollowed out
    now many fashionable novel styles are jewelry of 3D hard gold craftsmanship. These jewelry is actually hollow. Such jewelry is suitable for hanging as hanging as hanging. Choose to choose, because the pendant needs to choose a style, but as a bracelet and necklace, the choice is still based on solidity. Although the hollow jewelry is rich in style, it is difficult to repair it once deformation. It is also very unable to draw.

    3. Choose simple styles
    The golden style of gold is too much. For people, the simpler the gold jewelry, the better, the classic style is generally simple, it is not easy to be outdated, wearing is also very energetic, and it can also be matched with clothing. The complex styles are easy to wear in wearing. For friends who are not so careful, they are still more casual. Choose a simple style for wear resistance, and there is no need to change the style to save the new work expenses.

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