3 thoughts on “What small gifts can Shanghai take it back to give away?”

  1. Shanghai Divine Peach
    Shanghai pear cream sugar
    Pongpong chicken
    Shanghai lacquerware
    Shanghai jade sculpture
    Volks to Shanghai pear cream Respiratory diseases, nourishing the lungs without disease, buying Yuyuan, Chenghuang Temple

  2. Wangjiasha (outer outer Qing Tuan crab powder dumplings/small cages, etc.)
    Shen Dacheng (cake group)
    Big room/Guangming Village (fresh meat moon cakes with cooked vegetables)
    new long hair (new long hair ( Chestnut)
    The city god temple (Wuxiang Bean)

    Shanghai, referred to as “Shanghai” or “Shen”, is the birthplace of the Communist Party of China, the People’s Republic of China, the city’s central city, the large city, Shanghai, Shanghai The core cities of the Hangzhou -Ning Dynasty Greater Bay Area, international economy, finance, trade, shipping, and scientific and technological innovation centers, the first batch of open coastal open cities. The entrance to the land of Shanghai in Shanghai is the leading city of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. It is across the East China Sea and Kyushu Island, Japan. It is on the south of Hangzhou Bay and the north, west, and Zhejiang provinces.

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