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  1. Gold and silver jewelry can always be sought after by people. Due to the development of the times, there are many changes in gold and silver jewelry, such as in style, design in patterns, etc. In fact There are many competitive factors, and at this time, if our company's name can be good and unique, it can bring some benefits to our company.

    Whats of the five elements of the gold and silver jewelry industry
    In some people will think of what five elements are their company before opening the company, what is the five elements of the silver card gold and silver jewelry industry?属金的行业有,五金行业、金银首饰、铜器、铝合金窗、眼睛、镜子、西餐厅、经纪人、售货员、业务员、教师、演讲、刀剑商店、医生、发型师、珠宝界、 The logging industry and so on. So the gold and silver jewelry industry is gold.
    The name analysis of the name of the gold and silver jewelry industry
    Nes Xizi
    In fact, we are not separated from jewelry and gold and silver, and we have a word called gold and silver jewelry, and the name of Oriental Xizi The "Oriental" in China generally refers to the beauty of beauty, women; "Xizi" refers Highlight the beauty of gold and silver jewelry, and easier to attract female consumers.
    "Platinum" a precious metal, which is mainly described as the gold banking company; "Rui" is auspicious and auspicious; the whole feeling is the atmosphere, dignified. The name used as a gold and silver company is very wrong.
    The crafts name of electricalstone are a type of jewelry -level. From the chemical explanation, it is a borosilicate crystal, which contains aluminum, iron, potassium and other elements. Complex and diverse. The creative point of this name as a jewelry company is that it is a type of jewelry, and it means "mixed gemstone", which means that the company has a wide range of jewelry categories and can meet the different needs of customers.
    The best use of the company's name
    Thisye Liangyue
    Rui Qinxi Ji Yi Yi n Guo Lan Kezen A n 10,000 to Hai Lavi
    Wo Yuzi
    Zhi Fu Guan Song Qian
    Cat Xuanlatao Le Long

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