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  1. Regarding the choice of names, whether it is named, store names, or company names, when choosing words, you will bid to choose the words of the meaning of Geely’s fortune, because you can entrust people to pursue good fortune and good luck. Especially when the company is named, in order to recover the principal as soon as possible and gain profit, the company name containing the meaning of wealth is the choice of most people. Let’s see what the names that can be taken based on this method can be learned.

    The company name of the company with a wealth of wealth
    “Red Scenery” -The name of potted plant companies
    “red” is a festive color in my country. Red hi clothes, hanging red lanterns in the New Year, the custom of red couplet can peep out of one or two. It is appropriate to use red for the company’s wealth source of wealth. It indicates that the company will be successful; The business is booming, and at the same time, there is also the meaning of “accommodation”, expressing the utensils that need to be placed in “potted plants”. “Potted plants” can be called “bonsai”. In summary, the “Red Scenery” is a three -character name of a potted potted plant company that is appropriate and wealthy.
    “Fu’an Sheng” —— The name of the real estate company
    “Fu” means blessing and good luck. The company named the company that the company can develop smoothly and get better opportunities. “Ansheng” means safety, peace, and prosperity. I wish the company will not encounter difficulty overcome difficulties, and successfully expand the scale and become a well -known enterprise. The overall meaning of the name is quite auspicious. As a three -character name of the real estate company, it can make consumers who want to buy a house sincerely, because the name implies that the customer will be harmonious, healthy, and rich after the real estate developed by the company. financial resources.
    “Xilai Ke” -The hotel management company name
    “Xilai Ke” can be understood as “the arrival of guests makes us very happy, so that the hotel is booming”, expressing as a hotel operator, it is very hopeful, very hopeful, and very hopeful, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hope, very hopeful, Looking forward to guests in our hotel. As a consumer, customers will naturally like to welcome and enthusiasm for bluntly, so there is a higher chance to choose the hotel consumption operated by the company, and the company can gain higher profits. The name contains the meaning of festiveness, happiness, and expectation. It can recruit more guests for the company and natural wealth.
    “Jin Shengteng” -The decoration company’s name
    Mest people pursue a magnificent decorative style. This name for the three -character decoration company that means the wealth of wealth is suitable for the use of such decoration styles. “Gold”, gold, and value -preserved currency is loved by the people of the world, symbolizing wealth, and named the company’s naming interpretation company can enter the gold daily. “Shengteng” means that the company is as rising as Jin Ri, and the overall meaning of the name meets the needs of the fortune. It is very attractive for consumers who want to build a palace and star hotel home style.
    The company names that mean the company’s rolling company
    “Multi -text is rich” —— Calligraphy training company name
    Plipping the idiom “Multi -text is rich” as the name of the four characters of the calligraphy training company, highlighting The company’s cultural heritage and the meaning of idioms are also consistent with the original intention of “art training”. The idiom is interpreted as “learning more knowledge and skills”, warning parents not to ignore the education investment of children, and only earn more skills and specialties to earn more wealth. This is also consistent with the increasing situation of my country’s education investment. Parents who attach importance to quality education will be happy to come to the company to report to the baby, so this is a company name that can be prosperous.
    “Longevity and Rich” —— The name of the insurance company
    This insurance has become the first choice for everyone to avoid risks. The increase in market demand has stimulated the emergence of more insurance companies. The company’s company can stand out among the competitors. This four -character name conveys the good wishes of the insurance company for the guests. I hope that everyone who buys insurance can turn the insurance into insurance, longevity and wealth, so the company’s income will only increase, and guests will seek comfort in their hearts, buy the family, buy the family Insurance to bless you safe and healthy.
    “Golden Jade Beauty Pearl” -The name of the jewelry company
    This company name reference idiom “Jing Jinmei” is obtained. The idiom metaphor is a metaphor for pure and perfect people or things. It is used to name the jewelry company. The meaning of “the materials used by the company’s jewelry are flawless, and the finished products are also exquisite and perfect.” The meaning of the name shows the company’s strong strength and self -confidence, and is very domineering. The four characters of the “Golden Jade Beauty Pearl” are very wealthy and wealthy, which is suitable for creating high -end jewelry custom brands as a preserved jewelry to sell outside.
    The company name of the company’s rolling company
    (rich Xinyi) (Yu Tenghe) (Qicheng Xiangrui)
    (Guang Shun Jin) (Yuan Shunjin)
    (Dan Weimin) (Kok Changsi) (Feng Chuang West Scenic)
    (principal Ding Ding) (Fuxin Gao) (Lixun Yangguang)
    (Rhyme) (Rhyme) Shexu) (Senshuo Xinxiang)
    (Hui Qianmao) (Ji Tai Heng) (Si Qi Mingming)
    (Ya Suhong) (Yuan Tongfang) n (Shenglongqing) (Xie Jucheng) (Rui Yuanhao)
    (Rui Guangwang) (Qi Hongtai) (Dihui Ringxin)
    (Guang Shengsheng) (Jin Menghui) (Jin Menghui) Changxin Xunqi)
    (Baiwang Hao) (such as Renheng) (Renheng) (Mingxiang Ma Yuan)
    (Hao Run Man) (Wei Hongxiang) (Ming Lei Sea)
    ( Huitor) (Yun Hua Mei) (Nangze Yuzhen)
    (Xie Cai Da) (Yi Haojun) (Yi Haojun) (Di Xun Tianchao)
    (Xin Shuangyou) An Zhenyi)
    (Changxinhui) (Ge Yaochuang) (Lile Chiyun)
    (Heyi Cheng) (Gui Wan Zhi) (Yueli Yuko)
    (Wing Chenghai ) (Qian Lianlong) (Wannadi Qing)
    (Ben Darui) (Shenghe Fei) (Long Deyangyuan)
    (De Dingxi) (Shengchen Long) (Di Zhuochuang Quanquan )
    (Wei Jie Ding) (Xi Zhekai) (Senpei Lan Lei)
    (Ben Lu Sheng) (Guangshun Jin) (Ling Neng Manyuan)
    (Jialu Shou) (Hehui Ying) (Ruimei Beiguang)
    (Kowa Wei) (Norwa) (Norri) (Qing Zhenqi)
    (Yongchun Sheng) (Long Xierui)
    (Yuanxinde) (Rongde Jin) (Chen Xin Mai Lei)
    (Yi Jianjia) (Dehuai Yi) (Joshide Qi)
    Chuangbai) (Xin Saishuo)
    (Litelon) (Miaoge Sheng) (Gekeko)
    (Yuan Chao Shi) (Bang Miaoyu) (Jinglong Zhenyun)
    (Mori Mingteng) (Shangbaoyuan) (Youdi Kangyin)
    (Avelle) (Zhilonghai) (Weishi Wan Sheng)
    (Guangjing Xin) (Dajian Rui) ) (Xuntong Dahang)
    (Yichi Yiyi) (Fantongze) (Line Longlang)

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