3 thoughts on “What is the difference between the 18K gold diamond ring and platinum diamond ring? Is 18K gold diamond ring better?”

  1. The main component of 18K gold is gold, and 75%of the gold mixed with 25%of other metals. The hardness is extremely high and has a good stable effect on the large diamonds with large particles. The wear in time will fade up and need to be plated again. Platinum purity is high, pure and luster, no matter how long it can be worn, it can be kept gloss for a long time. Because of the high purity, the hardness is slightly weaker, but the 1 -carat -bream diamond can match the platinum well, just right to show the gloss. It depends on the advantages of my choice. I was also tangled when I customized the DR diamond ring, because there are two choices: K gold and platinum. I like this ring man who customized the real name of this ring.

  2. The 18K gold hardness is slightly higher, and it will be more reliable to make slender or diamond -mosaic styles. But long -term wear -worn parts will show the yellow of K gold itself. Need to be plated in the later period
    This refurbishment
    PT950 platinum hardness is slightly lower, but it is enough to make a classic style or a certain amount of jewelry is enough to ensure reliability. The softer hardness makes it easier to wear and lose its luster than 18K gold, so it needs to be renovated and maintained.
    The style of gold can be selected according to your satisfaction style and personal preference. The gap between 18K gold and platinum in hardness is relatively speaking, and both need to be maintained regularly. Considering the core of diamonds and shapes, K gold is recommended.

  3. In fact, 18K gold and platinum are very good. 18K gold and platinum are the most common tracting materials for diamond ring.
    18k gold advantage
    1: 18K gold is relatively high than platinum, and can be used for relatively complicated styles. 18K can maintain a stable nature in a variety of extreme environments, is not easy to wear or deform, can give diamond the most firm protection, can be competent flexible, variety, various complex and stylish styles.
    2: 18K gold is rich in color. 18K gold can make any colors (other 25%metal ratio is different), and common colors are 18K white, 18K red and 18K yellow. If you like some special colors, you can use 18K inlay.
    3: The price of 18K gold is slightly more affordable than platinum.
    18k gold’s disadvantage
    18k white is slightly yellow (including 75%gold), so when making jewelry, there is a layer of plating on the outside. Therefore Drop the coating and expose the true color (slightly yellow). The solution is to re -plated, maintenance, and maintenance. So be sure to choose a diamond ring with a complete after -sales service.
    platinum advantage
    platinum has a white luster, it does not fade or dim, and can maintain its true nature forever.
    Platinum disadvantage
    platinum is soft, and complex styles are not suitable. But the simple style is completely competent.

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