3 thoughts on “SK diamonds, okay?”

  1. It is best to have certificates. Diamonds are not batch of sampling, each must be available. Don’t let you fooled, I think this price is a bit virtual, I am afraid that you can’t get it according to your description 5000.

  2. I bought the SK necklace I bought in 2011 and sold others today. I didn’t sell it for me more than 300. Is this brand of diamonds so worthless? I bought a bigger drill now and I didn’t want to wear it before I planned to sell it.

  3. If you consider diamond quality, you do n’t need to consider the brand, just look at the 4C parameters of the diamond. 4C is the only criterion for judging the quality of diamond quality. No matter which brand, there are high -quality diamonds and low -quality diamonds. The difference is the value of style, brand added value, sales cost and profit margin.

    If considering the style and seeing a unique style, in addition to buying naked drills and inlaid shops, you can only choose this brand. But if it is just a classic style of six -claw inlaid and four -claw inlaid, all brands have it, there is no need to stare at a certain brand

    If you are optimistic about this brand, then there is nothing to say It ’s just

    In supplement

    40 points must have a certificate. This is the national regulations. Yes, it is also DEFG … You can let him take a certificate to take a closer look. It does not make sense to cut the work. It is 3EX.

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