2 thoughts on “There are AU750 in the diamond ring without other letters”

  1. If it is a diamond ring, there must be other letters. The AU750 in the diamond ring just means that this is a 75%K gold jewelry containing the gold. If it is a diamond ring, the other side will definitely have a letter representing the weight of the diamond. This letter, CT represents weight, means carat. 1 carat = 100 points. If there are small auxiliary stones in addition to the main stone, such as 10 points, you will score D0.10CT. The first thing I want to ask is that you have a certificate. If you have a certificate, let’s see if the diamond is written above. If there is no evidence, you must have forgotten to fight (this situation will not happen, because it will not happen, because there are many quality inspection from the factory to the sale), or because this is not a diamond, it is the alternative of diamonds such as vermiculite (commonly known as “rhinestone”) Things like. Hope to adopt

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