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  1. Jewelry Jewelry Professional Equipment
    From: China Tendering Network () Products and models The main technical parameters of the number of units
    The refractor GI-RZ6 25 tall high-wear-resistant CZ countertop, monochrome filter color, interface interface Clear, stable data and accurate results. (From the China Tendering Network)
    The diamond grading light GI-D60 25 high-frequency power supply does not flash, color temperature is 5900-6400K, there are color boards, cleaning boxes, white background boards.
    “Metler” Electronic balance (including density brackets) AL204 1 weighing 120g, readability 0.1mg, repetitive ≤ ± 0.1mg.
    “Metler” Electronic balance (excluding density bracket) PL203 1 weighing 120g, readability 0.1mg, repetitive ≤ ± 0.1mg.
    The ultraviolet fluorescent lamp GI-UVB 2 long-wave two-wave two-wavelength, the dark box effect is good, easy to use, and the color filter has been treated with mold resistance.
    -desktop polarizer GI-PS1 3 LED cold light type, desktop, can be rotated, with large vision interference balls, high-quality filtering, wide voltage, long life
    The optical fiber cold light source GI-150We Two light -guided fiber output, cold light type, the catheter adopts metal shell, anti -discount, stable brightness, and 150W light bulb.
    5 linear spectral spectrum of GI-SH1, holding the prism-type spectrocyte, high resolution, small compact, accurate spectrum.
    and other
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