2 thoughts on “How to distinguish between the Bulgari ring?”

  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer is just finenHello, the Bulgari ring identifies the authenticity, look at these three aspects 1. Look at the logo font: the genuine Bulgari font is clear and delicate, the font of the imitation product is rough and not smooth; The two raised tip should correspond to each other. 3. Internal printing of the ring: Geli’s engraving inside the ring is also close to perfection. It is estimated that the rough and non -smooth internal printing is estimated to be imitation products.nHope to help you thank you dearnMore 2nBleak

  2. 1. Price
    The real Bulgari jewelry is expensive, which is high -quality and high -quality performance. If some merchants on the market are already selling lower than the market price, then it may sell for imitation.

    2, logo
    The Bulgari jewelry is finely worked. Rough traces may have bubbles, gaps, and even unevenness.

    3, certificate
    authentic Bulgari jewelry all contain a certificate issued by retailers, which are only filled in the only 6 -digit number and sold Date, and seal with retailer information. Some fake certificates do not fill in the serial number and sales date, and the retailer seal is also missing.

    extension information:
    Peggyl’s two classic rings
    1, Bulgari ceramic ring n treasure The Geli ceramic ring is a more classic model in the Bulgari ring product. Bulgari creatively incorporated the ceramic material into the ring, and the perfect combination of fashion and traditional. The ceramics used in the Bulgari ceramic ring include black porcelain and white porcelain; the materials of the metal parts include platinum, rose gold, silver and stainless steel, etc.; Essence
    2, Bulgari spring ring
    Pegori spring ring creatively incorporates the characteristics of the spring toughness into the ring, and perfectly integrates the beauty of jewelry and the industrial design style. Because the Bulgari spring ring can bounce and tease, this makes Bulgari spring ring a little fun.

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