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  1. Name: Chen Jiarong English Name: EUNICE Gender: Female Birth Date: August 18 Constellation: Leo Birth Location: Hong Kong Family Member: 3 Sister 1 Brother Height: 178cm Weight: 56kg Tricss: 33.5 24.5 35.5 Education level: Graduation School of Middle School Graduation School : San Margali Personality: Sui Chen Jiarong
    Volunted: Being a policewoman Interest: Shopping, Sport, Reading, Cooking, RIDING BICYOLLE likes to eat: Fruit Soup Water: Papaya chicken feet snow ear soup loves to wear Clothing: Casual Wear likes to collect things: All star objects like: at home and Thai individual motto: worthy of yourself, go all out to career: Model, host of the year: 1994 Model Agency: Chen Jiarong in LOOK MODELS Life Life (14 photos) Honor: The second boyfriend of the model competition: Guo Zihui (Ricky) friend: Li Jiahui, Rosemary won the award -winning experience: "Very Surprise, thank you for your support. On the night of the winning prizes, they also played a happy and forgotten joy with their winners. "

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