What channels do Shijiazhuang transfer shops is fast?

There is a store transfer, what channels are faster, except for information on the Internet, the door cannot be transferred at the door

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  1. Shijiazhuang City, the same city, reminds you that the following three items are the following three items. The rented shop is fast
    1. Reasonable transfer fees. Many shop merchants always control the transfer fee. Shop transfer fees are 10 times the monthly rent (another calculation of goods and rent).
    2. Select the correct publicity channels, network information newspaper (be sure to select information newspapers, news newspapers master news and charge every day, the price is high, not cost -effective).
    3. Know how to use the advantages of the store. For example, the store's geographical location is not good, it can highlight the advantages of rent and low transfer cost, such as high transfer price, can highlight some advantages near your store, and so on. To transfer the store, choose the same city to guide the newspaper, and the package is successfully asked: 0311-88970707

  2. U shop, it is a bit like 58, very fast, my shop turned out for three days hahaha. The charge is a bit expensive, 1800, and half a month's rent. At least better than always losing money.

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