5 thoughts on “Take the old jewelry to the golden shop to change the new, do you make money or lose?”

  1. In fact, it is lost. After all, the value of the old jewelry is higher, and the purity is higher, and the jewelry store can earn and attract customers with the old change.

  2. loss. Generally speaking, you use the old gold jewelry to change the new one. Sometimes not only the number of grams you get your hand will be reduced, but you may also get some of the poor quality, not suitable for the sub -sale, or selling it. If you do n’t go out, you may also give you some old products that have been polished again. So do n’t change the old ones. In this way, not only do you pay more money, but also the quality of gold you get is also doubtful, and it is more disadvantaged for us.

  3. This situation depends on whether this old jewelry is valuable or not, and the gold content is high or not. If it is high, then it will definitely lose a new change in the old change.

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