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  1. Bao Xue
    2009 is a year worth celebrating and happy to celebrate and happy. The 13th Annual Conference of the 13th International Nonferrous Gem Association was held in Panyu, China for the first time, allowing the world to understand the status and development prospects of the Chinese color gem market, and the various challenges and hope faced by the color gem industry. The current status of Chinese breeding freshwater pearls on the Pearl Forum of Dubai World Pearl Forum and the future of China ’s freshwater pearls and Chinese freshwater pearl grading standards have made the world peers recognize China’ s achievements in regulating the pearl market and guiding the healthy development of the industry. The successful convening of the Chinese jewelry academic exchange meeting in 2009 made people see the full picture and hope of the development of the Chinese jewelry industry science and technology, and deepened the actual effect of this regular academic exchange meeting. The National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center participated in the development and research of jewelry non -destructive observation and testing methods, providing new means and ways to solve the problem of jewelry appraisal and find out the characteristics of micro -identification. The official launch of the “Hetian Yu Natural Skin and Fake Skin Appraisal Features” project shows the confidence of my country’s research institutions to solve the key technical problems facing the market, and start a new model of the “research enterprise cooperation” in the jewelry industry of jewelry industry. The pearl automation sorting equipment developed by Belle Pearl shows the new achievements made by my country’s jewelry industry to use high -tech automation technology to manage the quality of products. Teaching and scientific research units of my country’s Jewelry Academy, Geological Academy, jewelry design and other teaching and scientific research units held various academic seminars, special discussions, appraisal and operating skills competitions, design theory and work discussion and evaluation of work. There are many participants, showing more and more people focusing on the development of jewelry industry, and technology talents and teams are growing rapidly.
    1. “2009 Chinese Jewelry and Jewelry Academic Exchange Conference” held in Beijing
    In order to study the technical and academic issues in the development of the Chinese jewelry industry, to explore the impact and strategy of the global financial crisis on the Chinese jewelry industry, and promote the promotion Sustainable development of Chinese jewelry industry. The “2009 Chinese Jewelry Academic Exchange Conference” was held on November 3 at the 21st multi -functional hall of Block C of the Beijing Global Trade Center.
    Figure 7-1-4 2009 China Jewelry Jewelry Academic Exchange Meeting
    This academic exchanges are the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (and the Jewelry and Jewelry Management Center of the Ministry of Land and Resources) Co -sponsored by the Jewelry Industry Association, co -organized by the Beijing Jewelry College of China University of Geosciences and Wuhan Jewelry College, the meeting was sponsored by DTC (Shanghai). Deputy Director Sun Fengmin, Deputy Director Ke Jie, and Deputy Director Bi Lijun attended the academic conference and made speeches. Nearly 300 experts and scholars and industry insiders from Switzerland, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries, as well as the jewelry inspection institutions, jewelry colleges, jewelry enterprises and jewelry assessment agencies and related units attended the meeting.
    The theme of this academic exchange will explore the hotspots and difficulties of the jewelry industry at home and abroad, and focus on the testing and identification of jewelry and jade, as well as artificial optimization treatment of jewelry and jade, artificial gem synthesis, production processing, design, design The technical methods and latest research results in manufacturing are discussed and exchanged. The meeting also invited 11 well -known experts and scholars at home and abroad to make academic reports. Among them, the experts of the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center introduced the application of new methods of non -destructive testing in jewelry identification; foreign experts introduced the newly discovered color gems and their place of origin, color diamonds and their optimized processing products in recent years; Experts also reported on the hot topics of appraisal and jewelry value assessment in Jewelry markets such as emerald varieties, Tianhuang, and Hetianyu. The “2009 Chinese Jewelry Jewelry Academic Exchange Conference Collection” includes a total of 77 papers, which covers the test and appraisal of jewelry and jade, and the manual optimization treatment of jewelry and jade Technical methods and latest research results.
    This academic exchanges are academic events in the jewelry industry in my country, which strengthens the exchanges and cooperation of the jewelry industry at home and abroad. It not only provides a platform for academic viewing exchanges, but also becomes the research and academic exchanges to promote the research and academic exchanges of my country’s jewelry jewelry jewelry and academic exchanges. A new starting point promotes the healthy development of my country’s jewelry industry.
    2. “2009 The 13th International Color Gem Association Annual Meeting” was held in China for the first time
    May 5-10, 2009, which is the Chinese Jewelry and Jewelry Industry Association (GAC) and the International Nonferrous Gem Association (ICA ) The 13th International Color Semon Association Annual Conference (13thica Congress 2009) jointly organized by the People’s Government of Panyu District of Guangzhou (13thica Congress 2009) was held in Panyu, Guangzhou.
    Figure 7-1-5 2009 The 13th International Color Gem Association Annual Meeting
    This annual conference aims to introduce the current status and development prospects of the Chinese color gem market to ICA members, so as to deeply understand the Mainland China Culture, and discuss related issues such as the globe industry trade, innovative ideas and market development worldwide, deepen the exchanges between the industry, and help formulate a suitable colorful promotion strategy in Mainland China in the future. From Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, China, Taiwan, UAE, Britain, the United States, the United States A total of more than 400 foreign businessmen including about 40 countries and regions including Vietnam, coupled with the guests, friends from all walks of life, and journalists, etc., a total of about 1,000 people attended the conference. During the annual meeting, 28 keynote speeches and 2 large -scale on -site debates provided a comprehensive and full exchange opportunity for the industry. Among them, “Standardization of China Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry” and “China Import and Export Management Policy” and other speeches have given the world a better understanding of China. And effectively guide domestic enterprises to actively open up the domestic market and cultivate and maintain a stronger international comprehensive competitiveness. The representatives also discussed the relevant issues of gem industry trade, innovative ideas, and market development worldwide.
    3. Chinese representatives participated in the first (Dubai) World Pearl Forum
    The World Pearl Forum was held in Dubai from February 17-18, 2009. As a strategic plan for the Dubai Pearl Exchange, the World Pearl Forum is an important project to guide the pearl industry in the future. Nearly 200 people from 20 countries participated in the conference. The spokesman includes representatives of Pearl Manufacturing, National Pearl Organization, Industry Certification Agency, Marketing Experts and Local and International Jewelry Organizations. The representative of my country’s Belle Pearl Company made the theme report of the current situation of freshwater breeding pearls in China and the future prospects; the representative of the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center made the theme report of the quality identification and evaluation of freshwater pearls in China, and participated in the pearl certification and standardized group of groups Discussion, systematically introduced the scientific scientific samples of the raising pearl grading standards and the standard samples of freshwater pearls, and explained the intensive analyzer of the optical coherent layer of pearl layer developed by the center developed. Chinese representatives showed the unremitting efforts of my country to regulate the pearl market and further improve the quality of pearls in China, further enhance the quality of pearls. Some of these achievements have led the world peers and have begun to have a positive impact. At the same time, it has further increased the expectations of the world’s peers in China. It is hoped that China has actively participated and contributed to the future development of the pearl industry under the global financial crisis.
    4. Other academic exchanges
    News of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Jewelry College, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) Jewelry College, Shijiazhuang College of Economics College The domestic jewelry institute has carried out various scientific research and academic exchanges with various scale and forms.
    The theme of the “China 2009 Jewelry Academic Exchange Annual Conference and Ediel Jewelry Business Forum” organized by the Jewelry College of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) is compared to previous years. Participate in multi -jewelry manufacturers. The report related to the jewelery industry on the forum mainly introduces the overview and development of my country’s treasure jade resources and jewelry markets.
    This of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) Jewelry College held the second jewelry appraisal contest, encouraging jewelry appraisal technical personnel to scientifically and accurately identify various natural, synthesis and processing jewelry. Other jewelry departments and centers carried out some small academic discussion and exchanges and scientific and technological papers reports in combination with the specific conditions of the place where they were located.

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