5 thoughts on “Is there a more funny plot in "Little Happy" than Hai Qingyan Fang Yifan "doing nails"?”

  1. The topic of the topic of "Little Happy" is really high. It has just been exposed to laughing and laughing. Now there are girls with a microscope chasing drama and organized some small details in the play. In the play, Fang Yifan, the son of Tong Wenjie Fangyuan, is a high school student who does not like to read but likes photography. The lively and outward personality also makes him not a little trouble. The cousin Lin Leier is an introverted school hegemony. The two beds also reflect their style of doing things. Lin Leier's bed is clean every day. The cups are stacked into tofu pieces, and Fang Yifan almost never packed up after getting up, so it looked messy.
    I we are used to seeing a perfect protagonist image in the TV series, but forget that Fang Yifan is just a 18 -year -old boy who is a bit late.
    Lin Leier was scared. After the children reacted, the parents had rushed in. Helplessly, the drunk everyone jumped into the swimming pool, and the three men's parents had no time to take off the clothes. It makes people laugh again.
    Is Yingzi is in a bad mood. Talking about the voice of the native family, Fang Yifan, as a buddy, hugs the love of good friends, and gives WeChat greetings, which eases the mood of Yingzi and injured.
    After his brother Lin Leier came to the new school, he Zhang Luo could understand and understand him through his own way. When the younger brother introduced himself, Fang Yifan cleverly resolved the embarrassment in the class. It is the protection of his brother, so that Lei Er has a sense of security and faster integration into a new environment.
    Is when Song Qian learned that her daughter had depression in her heart, the nail prints on her hand perfectly reflected the psychological activity that she was very worried at the time. When there was eight o'clock to pick up her daughter, the clock on the wall also pointed at eight o'clock. And Liu Jing's mobile phone screen guarantee is also Ji Yangyang two years ago.
    "Little Happy" is two words that look good, the plot is attractive, the people set up are pleasing, and the audience is immersed in acting. Basically, film and television works of this subject matter give people a feeling of deep hatred, showing education, showing different collisions, showing family problems, but always missing something. "Little Boy" is not the same. This drama is more relaxed, more relaxed, emotional, and the movement of the plot, which is more impressive.
    Welcome everyone to discuss and evaluate!

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