Friends from Jingzhou Sha City came in and wanted to buy gifts for friends

Girl Friend’s birthday is coming, and she wants to buy a delicate gift to send her. Friends in Shashi please recommend better jewelry shops, specific positions, thank you!

3 thoughts on “Friends from Jingzhou Sha City came in and wanted to buy gifts for friends”

  1. Go to Zhanghua Temple in Hongmen Road in Shashi to find a master master for gifts. The incense of Zhanghua Temple is very good, his wish is very spiritual, and it is helpful to you, his family, and friends. Remember to light up. There is a home in Beijing Road Women’s Street: Stone Ji, there are many accessories inside, and the Tibetan store in the Hongqi Building of Salonda Plaza. There are many accessories in it. It is also worth you to see. There are also Jingzhou Pedestrian Street, so go and choose. I wish you a satisfactory gift. At the same time, I wish you a happy birthday!

  2. Jiangu Palace small commodity wholesale market, go shopping yourself.
    The things there are very cheap, there are many varieties and styles.
    but you have to go to the house.
    The address is on Jianghan South Road, Shashi District, Jingzhou.

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