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  1. Zhan Weijian
    The quality of quality and the burden of the United States middle class is not from Daxi, nor is it from other sea pearl farms on the Pacific Ocean, but from the new pearl breeding center -China. On August 1, 2011, a front page of the New York Times reported like a blockbuster bomb, which made the world uproar. Edison Pearl has created a miracle in the world's pearl industry. Its quality and cost will undoubtedly cause the global pearl industry's commercial order to reshape, and at the same time, it also sounds the horn of China's pearls to enter the world's jewelry high -end luxury market.
    1. Edison Pearl, use innovation and technology to shake the global market
    The China is the world's big country, and its output and consumption volume is the world's number one. At present, the world's freshwater pearl farming is almost all produced in China. The annual production of pearls is about 1,500 tons, accounting for 95%of the world's total pearl output, but the output value accounts for only 20%of the world's total pearl output value. The global pearl luxury market is controlled by sea water pearls such as Daxi and Australia. As the world's largest pearl country in the world, pearls that can be comparable to large -scale seawater pearls abroad can almost ignore it. According to the China Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association, the Chinese jewelry industry will continue to develop at a rate of greater than 15%in the next few years, and the pearl jewelry industry will lead the entire jewelry industry at a rate of 25%of the annual average growth rate.
    2012 Mid -National Jewelery and Jade Shouchu Yearbook
    This is a huge opportunity and challenge. The Chinese pearl industry is facing transformation and upgrading. It is necessary to move from a large manufacturing country to a manufacturing power. From quantitative manufacturing to value creation, we must start with quality to improve the quality of Chinese pearls and develop high -end markets. In order to achieve the value creation of Chinese pearls, let Chinese pearls have the right to speak in the world's high -end market. Belle Pearl started to develop and develop in seven or eight years ago. After more than 1,000 trials and investment in hundreds of millions of yuan in research and development expenses, I finally found a breakthrough in the breeding, mastered the core technology, successfully developed the world -renowned Edison Pearl- High -quality nuclear freshwater pearls that integrate high -quality granules, high positive circles, high gloss, and rich colors are all -quality. This major technological breakthrough has essentially improved the status and competitiveness of China's pearl in the global pearl industry value chain. Jiali firmly believes that only by adhering to the highest quality pearls, China's pearls can enhance their position and competitiveness in the global industrial value chain. Today, we can proudly declare to the world that the rare of large particles of pearls in China has become history. The successful development of Edison Pearl's global innovation -Edison Pearl has shocked the global pearl industry, marking that the value creation of Chinese pearls will change the world again. The New York Times reported: "The world should pay more attention to the innovation of China's manufacturing industry!"
    2. Edison Pearl, creating the miracle of the world's pearl industry
    Idien Sheng Pearl, an individual name. The great inventor Edison has more than 2,000 items in his life, and his most regrettable is that he cannot invented pearls and diamonds. Belle hopes that these unique high -quality pearls, such as Edison, brings light to humans, illuminate the world, let women glow with women glow Life is glory from the inside out.
    2012 Mid -National Jewelry and Jade Shouchu Yearbook
    The global innovation of Belle Pearl -Edison Pearl, which has the characteristics of large granules, high positive rounds, bright luster, and rich colors. There are special metal faint colors such as deep purple, bronze, violet, and dazzling gold. Its quality can be comparable to the top seawater pearls abroad. There is a sentence in the pearl industry, called "Seven Pearl Eight Treasures", which means that only the general pearl is 7 mm in diameter, and the diameter is more than 8 mm or more is jewelry. The average diameter of the Edison pearls breeding in the company for the first time is 11-20 mm, all of which belong to jewelry -level pearls. In the next two years, it can reach 25 mm. The New York Times has reported that Jiali has changed the impossible thing to be reality: breeding pearls with almost the highest quality, allowing the middle class in the United States to consume. This also realizes Belle for many years: providing consumers with high -quality jewelry -level pearls.
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    Iddison pearls are all ecological breeding, and the breeding method is completely different from foreign countries. At present, this unique breeding patent technology is only owned by Edison Pearl. Unique intellectual property rights can ensure the long -term development of the future and the dual guarantee of high -quality and high -quality prices, so that the Edison Pearl has been unanimously affirmed by the experts and the same industry as once the experts are available. Essence
    3. Edison Pearl, creating global high -quality pearl suppliers
    "providing high -quality and high -quality pearls and comprehensive satisfaction services for medium and large jewelry brand companies. Jewelry brand partners and suppliers, we hope to work with our customers to create a good tomorrow for Chinese pearls! "This is the declaration of Edison Pearl. The reshaping of the pearl industry value chain is the road to us. Now it is the entire industrial environment forcing us to improve the level in design, research and development, brand, marketing and other aspects, otherwise there will be no market competitiveness. Since the listing of Edison Pearls, in terms of brand promotion, it has been promoted through press conferences, pearl auctions and participating in the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Awards. In the field of sales, the company has established In addition to the domestic and international wholesale trade business, the company has also established business cooperative relations with well -known jewelry merchants such as Chow Tai Fook and achieved gratifying sales performance. By the end of 2012, the company set up Edison Pearl flagship stores in the pearl professional markets in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and other places to show the brand image of Edison Pearl. In the next step, the company will also cooperate with merchants with good performance in major jewelry markets across the country, and cooperate with the national chain jewelry brands and regional strong jewelry brands. Sales. In terms of brand promotion, the company will cooperate with major media in various activities and festivals, and will also conduct a series of activities for women, such as establishing a lady club, wealthy women's fashion salon, etc. True women's elegant and fashionable jewelry brands.
    2012 Mid -National Jewelry and Jade Shouchu Yearbook
    The Belle Pearl Global Exclusive Innovation -Edison Pearl will use the concept of "mutual benefit and win -win development", like the best diamonds of Daibers brand supplies to global jewelry, Like the merchants, it provides high -quality large -particle pearls and jewelry for strategic cooperation jewelry brands, and auction the rare and global rare Edison pearls in high -end auctions, creating a high -end image in the minds of global consumers.
    Excellent technology and high -quality products can truly create unique core competitiveness. In the global pearl field, the innovation research and development results of Belle Pearl injected vitality into the brand, pushed the company to the height of the world -class professional standard, and also made the beauty pearl truly become the world's well -known and unique global high -quality pearl supplier. It also enables Chinese pearls to stand at the top of the world's pearl industry chain and lead the global pearl industry.
    2012 China Jewelery and Jade Shou Jiejian Yearbook

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